Strategy for Social Media

What does Social Media Strategy Solve?

Communication and outreach

Community management

Customer support

Advertising and Brand awareness

Steps in creating Social Media Strategy


Understanding the landscape

  • First, what conversation exists about the industry, your product, and your competitors?
  • Secondly, are facts available?
  • Where does it happen?
  • Lastly, who is mostly talking? How can you add something to the conversation?


  • List of platforms your brand should be
  • Groups and communities by fans
  • Overview of the conversation
  • List of potential brand enthusiasts and influencers

Forming objectives

Creating the action plan

  • First, determine the stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities.
  • What socmed tools are you using?
  • Pledge to and maintain continuity in your online behavior.
  • Create a conversation plan.
  • Lastly, develop tone guidelines, FAQs, content plans, and community guidelines.

Implementing the social media strategy

Tracking, Analyzing, and Optimizing

  • Platform insights and analytics
  • Web analytics
  • URL shorteners for link clicks
  • Online monitoring software
  • Lastly, SocMed dashboards

Threats and Opportunities in Social Media

When to engage in a conversation?

  • First and foremost, if everything is positive: The fact that every possible comment is mostly positive is a great position to be in. During this period, the brand must do everything to create a lot of buzz.
  • If everything is neutral: This indicates that the company is boring and is ultimately leading to danger.
  • Lastly, if negative things are said: There is underperformance in comparison to expectations, and it must be addressed as a top priority. During this time, businesses must be extremely cautious not to instigate any more conversation than is absolutely required.



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