Softr 2.0: Build Web Apps & Portals From Airtable, No Code Required

⚖️ Our Verdict

Users with little design or coding experience may use this program to create attractive and dynamic web apps. Softr’s distinct approach is characterized by a modular lego-like building experience and out-of-the-box business logic.

Rather than designing applications pixel by pixel, it allows you to build them like Legos. This strategy gives users the ability to develop customer portals, internal tools, and dashboards in hours with no learning curve, all powered by their data. Softr has many use cases and can be used by individuals and small to large businesses.

In summary, Softr is an easy-to-use, powerful, and responsive application that can be utilized for different website purposes!

👍 Pros

👍 Speed up creating sites
👍 No-code website builder
👍 Airtable integration
👍 Good customer support
👍 Easy to use

👎 Cons

👎 Little visual customization and design options👎 Adding codes are paid
👎 Some bugs

🌟 About Softr

Softr is the simplest and quickest method to create powerful websites using Airtable in minutes — no need for a code. Client portals, internal tools, markets, online forums, resource directories, and websites may all be created using Softr.

Softr’s objective is to democratize engineering talent and enable 99 percent of the world’s non-coders to develop unique apps for their company or personal lives. It introduces a systematically different method of creating custom-made apps, being as simple as building a lego.

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Softr can help you create your next business app in minutes without coding. Softr enables organizations to create robust client portals, internal tools, and custom CRMs without relying on programmers. This application has many use cases including but not limited to an internal tool, client portal, CRM, community, and marketplace. Softr provides over 30 templates and 100 building blocks that are simple to use and adaptable to every need!

In minutes, you can transform your Airtable base into a personalized app. Users may change any component in the app, and the native Airtable integration guarantees that data is instantaneously synchronized in both directions, with no latency.

Customized permissions per user group help to assure that only the correct people have access to the relevant information while keeping everything in Airtable safe. With Softr, you can collaborate with peers, and streamline your workflow in a single place.

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. The main dashboard shows all your apps. You can sort them using the sidebar.

2. Click new application, select a template or start from scratch.

3. Add the first block on the blank canvas.

4. Select the block you wish to add to your website.

5. The pages tab allows you to add more pages to your site.

6. Change the global style of the theme settings including the typography and colors.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

Softr offers the perfect pricing for every business of all sizes and at any stage.

💎 Free — $0/Month

This deal for anyone to get started is for free!

〰 Unlimited applications

〰 1 custom domain

〰 Softr branding

〰 Membership (5 members)

〰 Paywall (Recurring & one-time payments) (5 members)

〰 Airtable integration (200 records)

〰 Live chat support

💎 Starter — $29/Month

This deal for individuals and startups is only $29 per month!

〰 Unlimited applications

〰 1 custom domain

〰 No Softr branding

〰 Membership (5 members)

〰 Paywall (Recurring & one-time payments) (5 members)

〰 Airtable integration (1000 records)

〰 Custom code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

〰 Live chat support

💎 Professional — $79/month

This deal for companies that require advanced apps is only $79 per month!

〰 Everything in Starter

〰 1 collaborator

〰 2 custom domains

〰 Membership (10,000 members)

〰 Airtable integration (10,000 records)

〰 Update Airtable records (all logged-in users)

〰 Transfer applications

💎 Business — $199/month

This deal for teams and companies that require a powerful app is only $199 per month!

〰 Everything in Professional

〰 4 collaborators

〰 3 custom domains

〰 Membership (100,000 members)

〰 Airtable integration (unlimited records)

〰 Update Airtable records (custom permission rules)

〰 Field level edit permissions

〰 Charts

〰 Transfer applications

〰 Onboarding call

〰 Priority support

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 Good interface
👍 Customizable
👍 Multiple templates
👍 No-code

👎 Cons

👎 Has learning curve
👎 Responsiveness issues

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

I first found out about Softr on Twitter when I came across a really slick web app built on top of Airtable database. As a no-code builder, this intrigued me and I wanted to create a project myself so I built a platform that allows you to discover cool new Google Chrome extensions called using Softr. The ease-of-use and the wide variety of pre-built components I could pick from blew my mind. I’ve been a huge fan ever since and a happy paid customer now. Softr’s web app builder is really powerful when combined with the dynamic ability of Airtable data. A must-try if you are into no-code!

– KP, Maker, Community Leader, Top Hunter 🏆

I highly recommend Softr to anyone willing to build a content/information-based product. The support team is extremely helpful, always there when you need them. I have been using Softr for a few months now, and the list of new features & improvements is PHENOMENAL. A no-brainer pick for now and a really good bet for the future! Side note: If you have never used Airtable, don’t worry, it’s really straightforward and easy to learn. You will absolutely love building & managing your own web application with Softr & Airtable.

– Nic Touron, PM @Antler

Our team loves Softr! We use it to spin-up internal tools (with Airtable backends) and simple external landing pages, allowing our team to move quickly and allowing our engineers to stay focused on our core product. Plus Softr has great product velocity with new features and improvements all the time — so you are backing a winner.

And it helps that the Softr team is super responsive to our requests and suggestions ❤

– Hugo Rourke

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