Nifty: Keep people, projects, & functions aligned in one place

⚖️ Our Verdict

Nifty streamlines your everyday routine by combining team communication, project management, planning, and tracking into a single, genuinely collaborative workflow. Nifty provides dynamic roadmaps and task management, as well as automated milestone monitoring and task completion. In addition to that, it has an overview of all of your projects and colleagues’ tasks. With that, it can save you a lot of time!

This application is made for small, medium, and large enterprises, basically for every team! Nifty can be used for agile development, client management, digital agencies, marketing teams, and more! It has a free version, but the paid plans are recommended to utilize all the powerful features of Nifty.

In summary, Nifty is an affordable, easy-to-use, and great collaboration tool for every team’s project management needs!

👍 Pros

👍 Multiple task management features
👍 Workflow automation
👍 Has mobile apps
👍 Many integrations
👍 Easy to use

👎 Cons

👎 Lacks expense management
👎 Time expense needs improvement
👎 Average UI

🌟 About Nifty

Nifty is an all-in-one project management software that keeps people, projects, and functions aligned across your team. This application has chats, goals, tasks, docs, and files all in one place, so you don’t need to switch between apps.

Nifty combines all the necessary tools into one software to make your team productive. Using Nifty results in milestone-driven progress that keeps everyone aligned, on schedule, and inspired.

This application unites goals, actions, and communications so that you and your team can focus on the actual work that matters. Now you can create a concise plan for your projects and automate your progress tracking!

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Nifty lets you track projects, communicate real-time with your team, create documents collaboratively, and more! Nifty allows you to manage different tasks through the Kanban, Swimlane, and List views. With it, you can organize tasks with a high level of detail.

Integrations of Nifty are powerful. You can integrate your calendar to Google with the built-in calendar. As mentioned, Nifty can also be integrated with Google for file and document sharing.

Collaborating on Nifty is seamless as each project has an individual discussion thread for your team to use. Aside from discussion threads, Nifty also allows you to use direct messages. Nifty is created to facilitate collaboration like no other.

There are a lot of features that Nifty offers in order to upgrade your team’s collaboration. These include Milestones, automated progress based on task completion; time tracking and reporting; and an overview of the projects.

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. Create a portfolio that contains projects.

2. The Overview section allows you to view all the projects running in a portfolio in a single timeline. You can also sort the overview across different parameters.

3. Click on a project workflow. Here you can invite guests to Nifty to collaborate.

4. Add tasks to a project. You can assign them to your team and sort them by dragging and dropping.

5. The Milestones show the project status. This can be shared publicly through a link.

6. The Discussions section allows you to communicate with your team.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

The pricing plan of Nifty is detailed and elaborate. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime!

💎 Free — $0/Month

This basic deal is free!

〰 Core features

〰 ️Unlimited members

〰 100MB space

〰 2 Projects

💎 Starter — $49/Month

Get started with the upgraded version of Nifty for only $49 per month!

〰 Core features

〰 10 members

〰 100GB space

〰 40 Projects

〰 Unlimited guests and clients

〰 Advanced features

💎 Pro — $99/month

Great for growing teams. This deal is only $99 per month!

〰 Core features

〰 20 members

〰 500GB space

〰 Unlimited projects

〰 Unlimited guests and clients

〰 Advanced features

〰 Upgraded security

💎 Business — $149/month

Great for advanced teams. This deal is only $149 per month!

〰 Core features

〰 50 members

〰 1TB space

〰 Unlimited projects

〰 Unlimited guests and clients

〰 Advanced features

〰 Upgraded security

〰 Priority support

💎 Unlimited — $499/month

This plan is a fully scaled solution for only $499 per month!

〰 Everything unlimited and advanced

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 Business management features
👍 Easy and intuitive to use
👍 Affordable and has a free trial
👍 Good UI/UX

👎 Cons

👎 Limitations on mobile app
👎 Paid application
👎 Lacks some features

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

I have been using this product since last 1 year. I have used several project management tools in the past, but when it comes to ease of doing work, there’s no alternative to Nifty. Their support & onboarding is also quite up to the mark.

– Savan Kharod

Nifty is one of the most beautiful looking management tools on the market! This matters because customers are usually charmed by its aesthetics and intuitiveness. I was lucky to get LTD a few years ago (I just regret that I took one code instead of several) and since then I have been watching its development, which is very dynamic — practically every now and then I get an email about a new feature or improvement. Kudos for that.

– Marek Murawski, Project Manager

Great project and great team behind the platform. Looks super simple, but also powerful at the same time. Think you guys have a great balance here!

– Ivan Escott, Marketing Manager at Respona

Keep people, projects, & functions aligned in one place with Nifty

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