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⚖️ Our Verdict

Make acts as the backbone of automation for all types of organizations, from small businesses to startups and corporations. Integromat has assisted tens of thousands of clients in automating their operations and transforming their ideas into real-world solutions.

Integromat evolved into Make, which is a result of the comments of their valued customers. The no-code feature of Make is amazing because it lets you create without limits. Make allows you to create like a developer. With make, build workflows at the speed of your ideas.

This automation tool is worth the price as the features of this app are really essential to your workflow and are quite numerous. However, the many features of this app come with a learning curve.

Overall, it’s a functional, affordable, and essential application for automating everything you can think of.

👍 Pros

👍 Thousands of templates
👍 No-code
👍 Good UI and fun to use
👍 Many tutorials

👎 Cons

👎 Very high learning curve
👎 Lacks some integrations
👎 Inconsistent support

🌟 About Make

Make is a visually pleasing platform that allows anyone to create, design, and automate everything. From workflows and tasks to complex systems — all without coding! This application was formerly known as Integromat and is a product of all the feedback from its users.

Make is a combination of a visual and powerful tool for automation. Integromat served as a basis for Make, but everything is new — the architectural foundation is new, providing better performance and scalability. This app comes with many features, while still keeping the visual experience for the users.

Make is trusted by 500,000 users from all over the world including top brands like Meta, Spotify, Adidas, and Heineken. Connect applications with a few clicks with the creative drag-and-drop interface, and create endless workflows!

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Make is an application more than just a no-code automation. Most automation platforms today are linear, making this application unique from the rest as it allows you to visually create and automate workflows. With Make, the only limit is your imagination!

Make lets you solve every problem in all areas and teams. You can automate your work and build something new by using the drag and drop feature. Additionally, Make allows you to connect all of your applications fast and easily. It lets you integrate thousands of tools and manage all processes in a single platform.

Lastly, Make provides a number of templates to help you get started. This application inspires you from its free automation templates to match your workflows.

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. Create a workflow by clicking the button ‘create a new scenario’.
  1. Select an integration and the trigger by searching it on the plus button.
  1. Connect your account and fill in the necessary details.
  1. Choose the specifications of your automation. In this example, the user has to choose where the data will proceed.
  1. You can add another integration to exchange data between apps.
  1. Activate by turning the switch on and selecting a schedule.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

The pricing plans of Make scales as you grow your team.

💎 Free — $0/Month

Design and create automation with the visual drag-and-drop feature for free!

〰 1000 Ops/month

〰 No-code workflow builder

〰 1000+ apps

〰 Custom apps

〰 Unlimited users

〰 2-factor authentication

〰 Parallel scenario execution

〰 Real-time execution monitoring

💎 Core — $10.59/Month

For creatives and entrepreneurs that are getting started, this plan is only $10.59 per month!

〰 10000 Ops/month

〰 Everything in Free

〰 Unlimited number of active scenarios

〰 Minimum 1-minute interval between scheduled scenario executions

〰 Access to 300+ Make API endpoints

💎 Pro — $18.82/month

For small and midsize businesses, startups, and automation lovers who wish to scale, this plan is only $18.82 per month!

〰 10000 Ops/month

〰 Everything in Core

〰 Full-text execution log search

〰 Operations usage flexibility

〰 High priority scenario execution

💎 Teams — $34.12/month

For teams to collaborate and manage workflows, this plan is only $34.12 per month!

〰 10000 Ops/month

〰 Everything in Pro

〰 Scenario execution by priority

〰 Teams and team roles

〰 Create and share scenario templates

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 Easy to configure
👍 Wide range of integrations
👍 Workflow automation

👎 Cons

👎 Triggers and actions are limited
👎 No alert system

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

It’s the evolution of Integromat! This looks like an amazing visual builder for automating all kinds of workflows.

– Chris Messina, #1 Hunter! ProductHunt

Cool new step! We at Tripetto have always been big fans of Integromat. And we will be big fans of Make from now on 🎉 We migrated our own automations yesterday right away and the process was just flawless. Compliments on that! And good luck on the journey from here on!

– Jurgen van den Brink, User support at Tripetto

Great product, best in class automation. If you can’t “Make” it you can’t automate it. Found the Integromat where Make originates from simply the best tool to automate business processes.

– Kristoff Henry, Owner of a business automation agency

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