Key Elements in Data Analytics

Key Elements to Analyze

  • Why are people checking your site? Analyzing behavior data is one of the key elements that predict the intent of the users or visitors.
  • Are they completing the goals you intend them to perform? These key elements are the outcomes metrics. They show the number of visitors who performed the intended action on your site or app.
  • What should you do to influence users to achieve the goal? Do you notice the patterns of their behavior? The answers to these inquiries are the key elements of user experience.


  • Look at the Density Analysis. Use a heatmap to check where the people are pointing on your site. You may see that there are “clumps” of clicks they land on. Many individuals might click on a specific page element that is not a link or button.
  • Check the Segmentation. We’ll dive into this element later on. Segmentation is the selection of a sample of visitors to analyze according to a common characteristic. For instance, you may check only those guests from the USA. Or you may use only new visitors when analyzing. This method lets you determine if certain visitors behave a specific way.
  • Behavior and Content Metrics. This method centers on analyzing information about user behaviors. That’s because it gives many insights into the value and engagement of visitors. You may also detect the pages that are the most famous on your site and which ones they leave from frequently. Other indicators for these key elements are the amount of pages they saw and the time spent on the site.


User Experience

Segmentation and Other Key Elements

Referral Source

Landing Pages

Connection Speed

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