Hugo 2.0: Better meetings through centralized, actionable notes

⚖️ Our Verdict

Hugo is a solution designed to facilitate meetings for mobile and remote teams as it allows them to set agendas, index and organize details, and collaborate on notes. It is a centralized platform for all your team’s agendas and notes. This application promotes collaboration and transparency through its tools and applications.

Hugo also supports a lot of integrations to help you manage your meetings. With a load of features and functions of this app, it is considered one of the best meeting tools on the market. This application is best for collaborative teams that wish to upgrade their online workflow. Despite being a collaborative tool, this application is not limited to teams as you can also use it as an individual.

In summary, Hugo is collaborative, simple, and useful for managing your online meetings!

👍 Pros

👍 Flexible and easy to use
👍 Has templates
👍 Good customer support
👍 Search function
👍 Connects to calendar
👍 Collaboration features

👎 Cons

👎 No mobile application
👎 Difficulties on sharing
👎 Layout features on notes can be improved

🌟 About Hugo

Hugo is an online meeting platform that integrates notes and allows teams to collaborate. It is a multi-function application that is a solution for team meeting notes, knowledge management, and business communications. This application lets users share details of a virtual meeting in real-time through various integrations.

With Hugo, you can manage your calendar, tasks, and notes all in one place! That way you can be more prepared and organized. This application’s note-taking platform is also calendar-centric. It can give you and your colleagues one platform for everything.

Launched on 2018, Hugo is used by huge companies and organizations like WHO, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, and many more! Meetings are now more productive with Hugo!

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Hugo boosts your team’s collaboration by allowing you to prepare, assign tasks, take notes and share insights. Hugo makes meetings better for remote teams! Also, with Hugo, you will have fewer, shorter, and better meetings with high value. This app even connects with your G-Suite and Office 365 calendar!

This application automatically categorizes your notes by meetings and attendees. Not only that, but Hugo also allows you to auto-sync notes that match meetings. Additionally, Hugo lets you use integrations when creating tasks in project management apps straight from your notes, so you won’t ever need to switch apps.

Lastly, Hugo allows you to stay organized as you can find notes and tasks in seconds just by searching.

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. Everything in your calendar is connected to Hugo.

2. Click on a meeting to view the details. All the attendees are automatically recognized by Hugo, so the notes will be categorized.

3. When preparing for a meeting, Hugo allows you to pick a template for taking notes. You can customize one for yourself.

4. Other users can collaborate in note-taking. You can also assign tasks.

5. Once ready, you can share it with your customer or even add it to your event calendar.

6. During the meeting, you and your team can collaborate and take notes on the template.

7. You can add actions using the built-in task manager in Hugo, or the integrations.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

Stay organized, prepared, and aligned with Hugo. You can now give your team the gift of more productive meetings with Hugo’s pricing plans!

💎 Basic — $0/Month

This amazing deal is free forever! Manage your calendar, notes, and tasks, all in one place!

〰 Up to 10 users

〰 Unlimited docs

〰 Unlimited tasks

〰 Basic integrations

〰 Access to 100+ templates

〰 Unlimited private templates

💎 Pro — $8/Month/User

Make meetings more productive for your team for only $8 per month per user!

〰 Everything in basic

〰 Up to 25 users

〰 Premium integrations

〰 Shared/team templates

〰 User groups

〰 Live chat support

💎 Business — $-/month

Get advanced features and additional support with this plan!

〰 Everything in pro

〰 Form fields

〰 Doc lock & activity logs

〰 Roles, permissions, & admin tools

〰 Customer success manager

〰 Implementation and user training

〰 Additional compliance and security

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 Easy to use
👍 Record meetings
👍 Write notes and To-dos with anyone in the meeting
👍 Connected to your calendar

👎 Cons

👎 No mobile application
👎 Limited features

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

Kudos to the Hugo team for iterating like mad into building a product that is truly helping reduce the time and brain power it takes to get day-to-day tasks done. I’m a fan and can’t wait to see Huge 3.0!

– Hiten Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Nira

We embedded Hugo in our org and within a couple meetings it was clear that meetings were going to be 100x more effective. Meetings are not simply about the time spent, but rather about the preparation and outcomes, and Hugo makes the whole process feel fun and efficient. Hugo is like having a full-time professional personal assistant dedicated to supporting my ability to have meetings worth having.

– Lance Douglas, Product Manager

What I like here best (that I think other note taking apps may be lacking) is the ability to integrate your calendar in. Working with my team on projects, I find that organising and syncing timings is one of our largest painpoints.

– Daryll Wong, Product Enthusiast

Better meetings through centralized, actionable notes with Hugo 2.0

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