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⚖️ Our Verdict

Hiver is based on Gmail, making it extremely easy and accessible to use. It promotes customer retention by providing a seamless, efficient, and personal customer experience. Although this application is only an email-based platform, it is flexible.

Hiver provides shared inboxes, email delegation tools, surveys, analytics, and collision alerts. This makes Hiver an essential tool for customer service requiring little effort. This application can be a valuable tool for your customer service toolbox as it performs flawlessly and simply.

In conclusion, it’s accessible, easy to use, and an essential tool for upscaling your customer service.

👍 Pros

👍 Slack and Zapier integrations
👍 Very easy to use
👍 Gmail-based
👍 Chrome extension
👍 Great for organizing inbox and streamlining email capabilities
👍 Workload delegation
👍 14-day free trial

👎 Cons

👎 No live chat, knowledge base, and multichannel support features
👎 Limited functionality on mobile app
👎 Basic analytics
👎 Paid application

🌟 About Hiver

Hiver is the first and only helpdesk based on Gmail. Hiver helps teams bring fast and empathetic customer service with the tool that most people are familiar with. Customer service is everybody’s business; that is why Hiver is inclusive of all the teams in your company. Hiver also allows cross-team collaboration and makes customer service personal.

Hiver is the most effortless and natural way to collaborate for teams and manage customer emails. Also, this application helps you quickly access, assign, and track emails on your shared customer service account. Hiver supercharges your customer service, allowing you to do everything, from supporting, collaborating, and getting analytics from your inbox.

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Hiver makes customer service more human. Since Hiver is based on Gmail, this application’s emails look like regular emails without unpleasant formatting. Hiver allows you to create accountability with email ownership and status. It lets you assign emails to team members, guaranteeing clear accountability and timely responses to your customers.

Hiver makes it easier to communicate with your team by keeping internal and external communications separate yet in context. Write notes to teammates for quick discussions that will reside alongside emails and give future context. There are also shared drafts and email templates.

With Hiver, you can automate repetitive tasks that ensure productivity among your team. You can also auto-assign emails based on established rules and delegate tasks with round-robin assignments to focus on what matters the most. This application allows you to improve customer service by gathering insights into workload distribution, SLA violations, and the team’s performance.

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. Add the Hiver extension to Chrome.

2. Once added, the tool will add two sections in your Gmail. One on the left panel and one on the upper right.

3. Click on the support icon. The unassigned section will show all the emails that your team receives. The mine section shows all emails assigned to you, and the team section shows all emails assigned to your team.

4. Click on an email from the unassigned section. This will lead you to the Hiver right-hand side panel. From the panel, you can assign tags, assign them to team members, and set the status.

5. The email will then be notified to your assigned team member and will be shown on the mine section of the left-hand side.

6. You can add a note to an email and tag someone to have a quick discussion on Hiver.

7. When a team member replies to an email, there will be an indicator to help collision detection.

8. Once done constructing a reply, click the ‘send’ or ‘send and close’ button.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

With the pricing plans of Hiver, you can choose the best one to scale your customer service.

💎 Lite — $15/User/Month

All the essential tools for customer service are only $15 per user per month!

〰 Unlimited Shared Inboxes

〰 ️Add up to 5 Users

〰 Unlimited Tags

〰 Unlimited Email Templates

〰 Shared Drafts

〰 Email Notes

〰 Collision Alerts

〰 Permalinks

〰 Default Access Control

〰 iOS & Android Mobile Apps

〰 24×7 Chat & Email Support

💎 Growth — $29/User/Month

Boost customer service efficiency for only $29 per user per month!

〰 Everything in Lite

〰 Unlimited views and automation

〰 Auto-responder

〰 Conversation analytics

〰 Slack & Zapier connectors

💎 Pro — $47/User/Month

Help deliver outstanding customer service for only $47 per user per month!

〰 Everything in Growth

〰 SLA and Business Hours


〰 Advanced access control

〰 Advanced analytics

〰 Scheduled data exports

〰 Dedicated success manager

💎 Elite — $69/User/Month

Deliver customer delight for only $69 per user per month!

〰 Everything in Pro

〰 Round robin assignment

〰 Custom access control

〰 Custom reports

〰 Priority support

〰 Call-back support

〰 Uptime SLA

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 Flexible
👍 Customizable
👍 Easy to use
👍 Analyze customer behaviors
👍 Comprehensive and functional

👎 Cons

👎 Poor pricing plans
👎 Needs improvement on customer support
👎 Lags and bugs

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

Hiver was a great product when we started using it a couple years ago; it’s even better now. It has dramatically simplified our group email management (including ensuring we have backups and continuity of operations), as well as tracking customer service metrics.

It is so efficient that we have decided we don’t need a separate ticketing software for production support for our ERP systems. Recently, the upgraded Analytics tool has opened up possibilities for dashboards across our various group emails. It really is a great (and surprisingly powerful) tool.

– Matt Smith

Hi, I’m George, founder of Futurebooks, an accounting firm for tech startups in Singapore. We use G-Suite to power our email services, and Hiver has been an incredible find for us.

Hiver has transformed our Gmail interface (which we love) into a customer service solution, without requiring any re-training. The chrome extension is light, intuitive, and has made a world of difference in how we handle our customer emails, keep a tab on work volume, as well as collaborate internally.

We are also pleased with Hiver’s incredible customer focus, from answering support queries within an hour, to releasing regular improvements. More power to Team Hiver 👍🏾

– George Matthew, Founder of Futurebooks

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