Headroom 2.0: Hands-free meetings with real-time AI video conferencing

⚖️ Our Verdict

Headroom is an online video conferencing tool like no other! This is the solution to Zoom fatigue that we are experiencing nowadays. Sitting in meetings makes you miss a lot, mainly because online sessions are fast-paced. Because of that, you miss essential information, and you cannot digest the information regarding the meeting properly.

Headroom is a new way to collaborate, meet, and make the most of our time. Artificial Intelligence allows users to utilize online meetings and spend more time on the discussions themselves. This application is best used by everyone. Be it, students or professionals, Headroom might be the solution to online conferencing problems.

The AI technology lets you have access to live transcripts that can also be discussed on the shared team notes. The best thing about Headroom is that you can search for the details of the meeting, saving you time and effort — All of that for free! This might be the following biggest online conferencing tool out there.

In summary, Headroom is an intuitive, accessible, and essential application for your online meeting needs.

👍 Pros

👍 Free application
👍 High quality video in low bandwidth
👍 AI powered
👍 Automatic summaries
👍 Live transcripts and shared notes

👎 Cons

👎 Works best only on Chrome browser
👎 In beta

🌟 About Headroom

Headroom is an online video conferencing tool on a web browser. This application empowers people to think creatively, form relationships, and solve problems while letting Artificial Intelligence do the rest. This actually makes you a better participant.

It uses AI tools that include computer vision, natural language processing, and more. Not only does it provide room for video conferences, but it also provides summaries, transcripts, gesture recognition, high video quality, and more.

Headroom was founded because the creators thought of taking AI technology and sharing it with people that would make their lives easy. Now you can enjoy hands-free meetings and concentrate on the discussion!

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Headroom allows you to act naturally by utilizing AI for you. The AI will recognize hand gestures, and you can give feedback without clicking anything. The gestures that the AI can recognize include thumbs up, thumbs down, wave, facepalm, and more to come.

Headroom saves you time and energy by automatically transcribing your meeting. You can use the text generated from the transcript to the shared team notes. This can clarify miscommunications without disrupting the flow of the meeting. Headroom also lets you have meeting replays that can be skipped, highlighted, and sped up.

Aside from that, Headroom also generates summaries of your meetings, making them easier to digest. You can share it with the participants to recap the meeting without any effort. You can also search sessions by little things you remember, like attendees, notes, topics, words, and others.

Even without downloads, Headroom lets you utilize high-quality videos without taking much of the bandwidth. The best part about all of this is that this application is entirely free!

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. Click the ‘New meeting’ button on the right panel.

2. Fill in the necessary details of your meeting. You can add participants by name or email, and they will be notified through email.

3. Edit the settings for the post-meeting access.

4. After creating, the meeting will show up on your dashboard. Click on it, then join the meeting.

5. You will be redirected to the meeting. You may turn on or off your camera and mic prior to joining. You can also set your virtual background.

6. The buttons below the screen let you control the settings of the meeting. You can also access here the shared team notes.

7. Click on the bottom right corner of the screen to access the automatic transcription. Click on a text, and it will be copied on the shared team notes.

8. Leaving the meeting will let you access the post-meeting summary. You can view the shared team notes, the meeting replay, and the transcript. The post-meeting also shows the total wordshare of each participant.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

With all of the fantastic features of Headroom, this application is totally free! This application has secured $5 million as it prepares to release its freemium service into the world. That way, you can enjoy all of the amazing features without worrying about breaking the bank!

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 File transfer
👍 Live transcription
👍 Versatile video conferencing tool

👎 Cons

👎 Uncomfortable GUI
👎 Similar to Zoom

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

I have been using the product for a few months and this is just so far ahead of Its competition. I had been using Zoom+Otter for my meetings. No more. Headroom is smart, and makes me more productive. I hope more folks get on the Headroom bandwagon!

– Om Malik

Searchability of transcripts looks awesome. I’m always trying to go back and quickly remember details of what someone said. I’ll have to check this out.

– Dan Becker, Data scientist

I have been using Headroom for quite a while now to conduct both lab/team and individual meetings. No more note takers, no more forgetting of who is responsible for what task — really changed our post-COVID lives! I see dramatic effects on productivity and it’s definitely much more pleasant to look at yourself with a Headroom lens!

– Irina Strigo

Hands free meetings with real-time AI video conferencing with Headroom 2.0

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