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Keeping organised is crucial in this fast-paced environment. From managing personal tasks to coordinating complex business projects, effective organization tools are essential. For centuries, journals, planners, and notepads have served as the go-to solutions for keeping track of ideas, plans, and schedules. However, as technology continues to evolve, traditional paper-based methods are being replaced by digital alternatives.

The Evolution of Planning Tools

With the advent of personal computers and handheld devices, such as Palm Pilots and smartphones, digital planners and personal information management (PIM) software began to gain popularity. These digital tools offered users the ability to store and organize vast amounts of information electronically. Instead of carrying around a physical planner or notebook, individuals could access their schedules, contacts, and notes from their electronic devices.

As Internet connectivity became more ubiquitous, the next evolution in planning tools emerged: online planner software. By moving planning tools to the cloud, users gained unprecedented accessibility to their information. Cloud-based planners, such as Zoho Planner, revolutionized the way people organize their lives by providing anytime, anywhere access to their plans and schedules.

Introducing Zoho Planner

Zoho Planner is a cloud-based personal and business organizer developed by Zoho Corporation. With Zoho Planner, users can create, manage, and share their plans and events online. Unlike traditional planner apps, Zoho Planner offers a wide range of features designed to streamline organization and collaboration.

Key Features of Zoho Planner

  • Online Accessibility: Access your plans and events from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Collaborative Sharing: Share plans with friends, family, or colleagues to coordinate schedules and projects.
  • Customizable Pages: Create customized pages for each event or project, complete with descriptions, checklists, and attachments.
  • Tagging and Categorization: Organize plans with tags for easy retrieval and categorization.

Getting Started with Zoho Planner

Getting started with Zoho Planner is easy. Simply visit the Zoho Planner website or access it through Zoho Personal, Zoho’s centralized hub for all its applications. An easy-to-navigate interface is presented to users upon login, making plan creation and organisation a snap.

Event and Plan Development

To create a new plan or event in Zoho Planner, users can follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a New Page: Click on the “Create New Page” button to start a new event.
  2. Add Details: Fill in the event details, including descriptions, to-do lists, appointments, and notes.
  3. To-Do List Personalisation: Make distinct lists for each event-related task.
  4. Manage Appointments: Link appointments to the event for better organization.
  5. To make your submission as thorough as possible, feel free to add notes and files.
  6. Tag and Categorize: Use tags to categorize plans for easier retrieval and organization.

Using Zoho Planner to Its Full Potential

You can get more done in less time with the help of Zoho Planner and its many useful features. Users can improve their processes and maintain project and task management vigilance by making good use of these tools.

To-Do Overview

The “To-Do Overview” feature allows users to view all pending tasks and overdue items in one place. By keeping track of tasks in this centralized view, users can prioritize their work and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


Zoho Planner allows users to create unlimited reminders for various events, such as birthdays, meetings, and project milestones. Reminders can be set to notify users once or repeat at specified intervals to ensure they never miss an important date.

Sharing Options

Zoho Planner offers flexible sharing options, allowing users to share plans privately or publicly with invited groups or individuals. Users may simply share plans and events with others, whether it’s working on a project together or just trying to coordinate calendars with family members.

Customization and Settings

Zoho Planner provides users with a range of customization options to tailor the application to their preferences and requirements. From adjusting time zone settings to importing and exporting calendar events, users can customize Zoho Planner to suit their needs.

Time Zone Settings

Adjust time zone settings for accurate scheduling and coordination across different regions and time zones.

Import and Export

Easily import and export calendar events to and from other software applications. Zoho Planner supports the iCalendar standard, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their plans with other calendar programs.

RSS Feeds

Subscribe to RSS feeds for updates on shared pages. By staying informed about changes made by other users, users can stay up to date on project developments and collaborate more effectively.

Seeking Assistance and Feedback

For assistance or feedback, Zoho provides forums where users can seek help, propose enhancements, and share their experiences with Zoho Planner and other Zoho apps. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or suggesting new features, the Zoho community is a valuable resource for users seeking support.


In conclusion, Zoho Planner offers a comprehensive solution for organizing personal and business plans and events. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration with other Zoho applications, Zoho Planner empowers users to stay organized and productive in today’s digital age. Whether managing personal tasks, coordinating team projects, or planning events, Zoho Planner provides the tools necessary to simplify organization and achieve success.3.5

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