Email Strategy & Planning

When it comes to every email campaign, you should always start with an email strategy and a plan. This will involve planning for the goals you want to achieve. As we have mentioned in the previous article, email marketing is a solid tool to help you achieve multiple goals in the digital world. In order to be fruitful, you need a great email strategy and planning. It should be considered in line with your long term business, marketing, and digital strategy.

There will be several key performance indicators for each campaign. You will determine these. These KPIs will indicate how good you are operating.

So, before you start planning. List down your goals. Usually, advertising emails will have a prompt goal. These could either be one or all of the following:

  • Sell a product

Now, there are also newsletters. These types of emails usually focus on longer-term goals. The goal usually is to create a long-term rapport with your customers. These KPIs are more important in newsletters.

KPIs for Newsletters

Usually, KPIs for newsletters can include

  • Email open rates

Pro Tip: Study and know your audience really well. They will precept which communications you should measure.

Email Service Providers

Email service providers or ESP will help you manage your email design and sending. Most of the time, bigger organizations choose to purchase their own software and server. There are also instances where organizations partners with ESP. You can do this, too.

Some ESPs include Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, AOL, Yahoo! And more. You can also use email automation and marketing platforms such as MailChimp, aWeber, and more.

When you’re choosing an email service provider, here are some important questions that you should ask:

  • Is it easy to use? Will you be able to administer it yourself?

Email Strategy & Planning for Mobile Phones

Nowadays, smartphones rule the world. Most people are doing everything on their smartphones. In fact, more people use smartphones than computers.

Now, in email marketing, that could be a challenge. So, your email strategy & planning should include how your emails will look like on a mobile screen. This includes each display variety from each mobile operating system.

You want to create an email that presents well across various clients and operating systems as you could. The good news is that most email automation platform automates this now through responsive design.

When you are working on an email for a smartphone, you need to remember these vital factors:

  • Screens are a lot smaller

Best Practices when Designing Emails for Smartphones

When you’re designing emails for smartphones, here are some of the best practices to follow. This will help ensure the optimal rendering on mobile devices.

  • The majority of newsletters are structured to be 600pixels wide. This is so that they can be presented well in an email preview pane. This scales well on a typical mobile screen.

Email Strategy

Keep in mind that most smartphones now have touch screens. So design your emails for touch. Your readers will tap on the links instead of clicking. So when the links are set excessively near one another, it tends to be hard for clients to tap on one connection without inadvertently tapping on the other.

Space the links out and make sure that there is at least 15px of space around them. This way, it will be simpler for touchscreen clients to finish on your Call to Action.

Monitor your KPIs regularly to track how well each email is doing. If you see a winning campaign or email, study its components and apply that to your other emails as well.

It’s also helpful to create split or A/B tests on your emails. This way, you can study numerous designs and strategies at the same time.

The Benefits of Email Strategy & Planning

With a sound email strategy, you can achieve the following:

  • Build solid credibility with your target audience and potential customers

Email marketing can be tough without a sound game plan in place. This is why strategizing and planning ahead of time can help you and your team get the best results and ROI.

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