Documentation in Social Media Marketing

Documentation of Community Guidelines

  1. We rely upon our community members to publish subject matters that are significant and reverent to the community.
  2. Refrain from sharing your personal information on our Facebook wall and comments. Instead, send us a message for your safety.

Documentation of Content Plan

Protocol for Communication and Escalation

  • Predicted messages or frequently asked questions, including the right response. This should incorporate both enlightening and negative situations.
  • How to know whether a message is positive or negative. It should have a flagging system for comments that are urgent too. For example, positive comments involve satisfied customers and loyal consumers. Negative comments are those that are offensive, dissatisfied, and unnecessary. Urgent messages involve abusive comments that require immediate attention. You must also be able to determine neutral messages like basic questions, facts, etc.
  • crisis management in case your social media account experiences a brand crisis.
  • Guidelines on how to respond. This should involve standard messages, response rate, and the brand’s voice and tone.
  • Messages that require signoff or more consideration also need an escalation plan.
  • Relevant stakeholders’ contact details.

More Documentation for Protocols



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