CRM Strategy Implementation

Value and Application of CRM

CRM Perspectives

CRM Implementation


  • Apply tailored profiling to different channels, including campaign management initiatives, social media marketing, telemarketing, and email marketing.
  • Put the appropriate combination of goods and services of your company to your consumer at the appropriate moment.
  • Figure out what consumers do and desire, link that info to product and service, and assess success.


  • Make sure that the customers receive the right product or service.
  • Guarantee a consistent sales-related process throughout the company or business. This includes campaign management, client management, and sales configuration. It also consists of call, contact, and ad management.
  • Allow all parties involved in the transaction to engage with each other.
  • Consider systems that place sales reps in touch with users at the point of sale.

Service and fulfillment

  • Improve and refine the goods and services that you provide to customers through the following:
  • Social media support
  • Email management
  • Queue and workflow
  • Engaging voice response
  • Cover the creation of systems for resolving problems, automating workflows, and dispatch systems for field service.

Customer-managed services

  • Develop systems or capacities that can be managed by the customers including:
  • Self-service web
  • Search and inquiries
  • Instant message
  • Voice over IP
  • Email queries
  • Social media support
  • Online forums
  • Conferencing

Social Customer Relationship Management


Steps on Implementing a Strategy for CRM

Analyze the needs of the business

Analyzing the needs of users

Establish goals and metrics for success

Identify how your CRM will be implemented

Select the appropriate tools



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