Copilot: Modernize Your Business with a Streamlined Client Portal

5 min readMar 12, 2023


⚖️ Our Verdict

Copilot makes it extremely simple to set up a client portal, allowing clients to exchange messages, make payments, share documents, sign agreements, complete forms, and access custom apps all from one location.

Copilot is best used by businesses that are tech-inclined, as it helps them save time and effort to perform all business-related tasks. Additionally, this application is suited for different sectors seeking to provide a good experience for their clients.

All in all, it’s a simple, complete, and helpful tool for managing client portals of service businesses.

👍 Pros

👍 Multiple features in one platform
👍 Top notch support
👍 Streamlines internal workflow
👍 Quality experience for clients

👎 Cons

👎 Lacks some vital functionalities in the billing module
👎 Needs more integrations
👎 Paid application

🌟 About Copilot

Copilot is a new client portal aimed at assisting service firms in starting, running, and growing. Copilot is the ultimate tool for service businesses, featuring established support for communication, transactions, file-sharing, and support centers. It also features a rich API for automation systems and Custom Apps. Lastly, it has broad support for modifications and white labeling.

Copilot is used by thousands of tech-enabled service companies in the technology, advertising, financial, legal, and other sectors to give clients a branded, simplified, and enjoyable experience on mobile and the web. Copilot was created in 2020, acquired a $10 million Series A round in 2022, and is based in New York City.

🎁 What’s In It For You?

Copilot makes conversing with clients secure and seamless. With this application, you will never miss a message as a client or a provider with comprehensive email updates. With that, this tool is a comprehensive messaging solution for you and your clients. Additionally, it features an on-brand design and combined notifications.

Copilot allows you to create branded invoices and subscriptions for your clients, making it easier to pay, access, and manage billings. Also, this platform enables you to easily share files with clients and stay organized with folders. You can also get contracts signed by requesting e-signatures.

With the forms feature of Copilot, you can gather information from your clients by creating and sending customized forms with different question types. Copilot allows you to view every form-related material in one place. Lastly, the helpdesk feature of this app lets you create a help desk or knowledge base with different content.

🖥️ How Does It Work?

  1. Click the messages tab in the sidebar. Choose a channel that you want to use to communicate with your clients.

2. To send a file, click the upload button or drag and drop the attachment that you want to send.

3. To use the billing feature, connect your bank account first. Edit the settings according to your requirements.

4. Click the billing tab to view the invoices and subscriptions.

5. Click ‘new’ to create an invoice. Then, set the specifics.

6. For sending and viewing files, click on the ‘Files’ tab on the sidebar.

7. Click on a channel, then create a folder or upload files.

8. Head to the ‘Forms’ tab to view the forms. You can send, edit, export, duplicate, or delete each form.

9. Edit your form accordingly.

💲 Pricing Plans & Support

Copilot offers comprehensive pricing plans for all your client-related needs.

💎 Starter — $39/Month

This helpful plan to run a modern service business is only $39 per month!

〰 Up to 100 clients and 10GB of storage

〰 Client management and custom fields

〰 Customizable branding and color scheme

〰 Access to every Copilot App including Messaging, Billing, Files, Forms, and Helpdesk

💎 Professional — $89/Month

This helpful plan to level up with more clients and more features is only $89 per month!

〰 Everything in Starter

〰 Up to 2000 clients and 2TB of storage

〰 Custom domain and custom email domain

〰 Automations, Zapier, and API

〰 Support for Partner Apps and Custom Apps

💎 Advanced — $139/month

This helpful plan to level up further with white labeling is only $139 per month!

〰 Everything in Professional

〰 Up to 20000 clients and 20TB of storage

〰 Remove Copilot branding

〰 HIPAA Compliance

〰 Dedicated Copilot Expert

📍 The Competition

👍 Pros

👍 Malleable framework, manage every aspect of the business
👍 All-in-one application
👍 Automation features

👎 Cons

👎 Has downtimes
👎 Learning curve

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 Testimonials

Sounds like it will improve users’ experience. Improve clients’ experience. Improve marketing experience. Congrats on a product to improve overall business experience👍

– Adetokunbo Abiola, CEO Adetokunbo Sees

Unbelievably helpful in bringing my consulting business online and streamlining my administrative workflows (contracts, payments etc.) and copilot is always getting better with each release.

– Matthew Reeves

I am obsessed with Copilot and have been using it to run my pitch deck agency, Trulytell. I highly recommend if you’re looking to streamline collaboration and efficiency.

– Joshua Brueckner, Founder of Trulytell

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