Conversion Optimisation

Where to test Conversion Optimisation?

Email Marketing

  • Show different offers
  • Long vs short content
  • Pictures vs videos
  • Date and time

Advertising using Display and Search

Social Media CRO

  • Shared links
  • Asking questions
  • Simple call to action

Landing Page Optimisation

  • Heading: alter headings to see how it changes traffic
  • Call to Action: test different CTAs to drive up sales and actions
  • Copy: test layouts of your landing page
  • Color: change button colors
  • Offer: word the same offers differently or you can test different types of offers

eCommerce Optimisation

  • Change image sizes or different images
  • Test different CTAs
  • Alter the shipping information
  • Credibility of your page

Conversion Optimisation Designs

Types of tests

Split test

Multivariate test

Sample Size and Length of Tests

Number of participants

Conversion rate change


Steps in Conversion Optimisation

  1. Data gathering — this is the first step wherein you find out what elements to test and how to accomplish them.
  2. Analyzing data — after gathering data, analyze it to suit your test design appropriately. Ask these questions:
  • What is the site’s purpose?
  • Who and why are people coming on the site?
  • What are they doing on the site?
  1. Fixing — after analysis, you can find problems that can be solved even without testing. This should be fixed prior to testing to avoid interfering with optimisation.
  2. Designing — at present, you now know what factors require testing. Design tests according to those aspects that can improve conversion rates. Here you can also establish the variant and invalid hypotheses and the expected outcome.
  3. Run — You can run tests using software that gets the job done. Execute the tracking code required to run tests. After that, take the test live and wait for a significant result.
  4. Report and repeat testing — after getting a result, check the hypothesis if you have the desired outcome. Implement a better solution and plan for the next test as there is always room for improvement.



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